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Bananas, Belly Fat, and Changing Your Weight (part 4)

The banana debate rages on. What do bananas do to your body? Are they the belly enemy or defender? Should we never eat another banana to rid ourselves of disgusting belly fat? I don’t know how bananas got undeserved reputation for creating belly fat. As far as a single food can affect your belly blubber, […]

Changing what you weigh (part 3)

  Changing What You Weigh, part 3 By now, if you have read parts 1 and 2 you know that the key word is “change.” You are getting an understanding of how change works and doesn’t work. Many big changes, and changes that feel like punishment are never permanent changes. Small changes that enhance your […]

Bye Bye Big Belly! How to Change What You Weigh (part 2)

Everybody is looking to find the key to getting rid of their big belly.¬†What magic foods burn belly fat every day? What are the foods that I should stop eating to get rid of belly fat? Are carrots the cause of my over 45-years old gut? What’s the secret to saying, “bye bye belly!” forever? […]