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How to talk to your preteen daughter about her (chubby) body

If you have a preteen daughter carrying a little extra weight there’s a good chance she is aware and even unhappy about it. There’s the possibility that her peers have noticed it too. She might have heard one or more negative comments about her body. She may tell you that she’s fat and she wants to […]

Should cupcakes be allowed in school?

As a kid I loved the moms who brought cupcakes to school to celebrate her child’s birthday with the class. You know, those delightful, beautiful little cakes full of highly processed flour and sugar and topped with artificial colors, more highly processed sugar and some saturated fat that many call “unhealthy.” Oh boy. I’ll take […]

Will your child become obese in self-defense?

Parents, educators, and health care professionals are alarmed by the problem of obesity in children. There are many good reasons for being alarmed, including young children being diagnosed with serious, chronic diseases that have been thought to be “adult diseases.” While we search to find a way to manage and avoid childhood obesity it’s possible that […]

How to Help Your Overweight or Obese Child

You want to help your chubby child lose weight. You should know that mistakes parents make can result in your plump child turning into a childhood obesity statistic. The biggest mistake is putting that child on a diet! I’m not trying to scare you, or suggest you don’t take any action. I want to help you to […]

We Don’t Need (no stinkin’) Restaurant Menu Labeling Law!

I’ve eaten at Pizzeria Uno less than 5 times in my life. One meal stands out in my mind because of how far off my estimation of calories were in their single serving deep dish pizza. Since their claim to fame is their “Chicago-style deep dish pizza” that’s what I thought I’d order. I knew it […]

Nearly half the obese youth in America don’t know they’re obese

And that’s good news! Ideally none of the obese youth in America would know they’re obese. I’m not advocating childhood obesity. I’m advocating a happy childhood. I was a chubby child and I knew it. I felt inferior because of my size so I avoided activities with my peers. I used food as a substitute. […]

Lose Weight and Get Fit with this 5-Step No Diet Diet!

Here are five healthy routines that are surprisingly easy to integrate into any lifestyle. Routines are things we do every day without conscious thought. We just do them; that’s what makes them routine. Healthy routines make it easy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Routines can be a way to lose weight and keep […]

Stop! Never Put a Fat Kid on a Diet!

The dangers of childhood obesity are well-known. The statistics are grim. Some of the statistics can’t be supported with reliable research but that doesn’t stop these stats getting repeated in the media. As a nation we worry about our children and want to help them to be healthy. The problem is many know that there […]