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How to Survive Your Diet

Me: Your diet survived the weekend? That’s great! Your diet survived the weekend and are you going to survive your diet? The answers I get often overlook the part about, “Are you going to survive your diet?” Seems like the dieters are too happy about how they avoided a temptation than to consider how their […]

Guidelines for Families (with or without) a Fat KId

I prefer “fat kid” over the term childhood obesity. I hate the clinical sound of the phrase.   Let’s just call them KIDS! We don’t need labels for children that describe their physical features! The important thing to remember is they are no different than any other kid weighing less and should not be treated […]

Telling a child to lose weight to stop the teasing is the same as saying “you deserve it”

Your child doesn’t need to lose weight to stop the teasing! Your child is fine, it’s the kids who tease who have a problem! 8 Ways to Help Your Overweight Child by Instilling Healthy Family Habits 1. Help the child recognize his skills or special talents. 2. Feed the overweight child exactly the same way […]