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Why you didn’t lose weight in 2016

Another year is about to end. The end of the year may mean it’s another year your weight-related goals when unmet. It could even be one of many years that comes to a close and your weight goal eludes you. Here is why you didn’t lose weight in ’16. You tried too hard. You took […]

Something is eating you and it’s making you fat!

What’s eating you? How is it making you fat? What can you do about it? What if it can’t be stopped? What monster is in your gut right now demanding you feed it? There’s no monster in your gut demanding to be fed.┬áThe monster isn’t in your gut, it’s in your head. Don’t bother clicking […]

How NOT to Lose Weight

Here is a short list of 5 things you don’t want to do if you want to successfully lose weight. DON’T: 1) Have unrealistic expectations. Weight loss takes time. When you give it all the time it takes you can lose weight and be a lighter and maybe healthier version of you. That is a […]