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The top 10 annoying things people on a diet do!

I understand that losing weight is hard. Heck! I’ve probably list more than 1000 pounds in my life – lost and gained and lost again, that is. The challenges are many. I have empathy for people who are fighting to lose weight and even more empathy for those who feel as though they’re losing their […]

Why You Didn’t Lose Weight in 2014

You started the year determined to get to a reasonable and healthy weight. You weren’t looking to weigh what you weighed when you were 18. You just wanted to get to a weight that reduced your risk of all of the scary weight-related illnesses. You were determined! You watched Dr. Oz. He touted the use […]

Ayurvedic Diet

If you’re not already confused about which diet is the best one for health and weight management, Dr. Oz is promoting yet another one. This one comes from ancient India. It categorizes your body type into one of 3 types and then recommends the healthiest way for you to eat based on your classification. Be […]

The Skinny Pill

Everybody wants to know about the new skinny pill. It’s the secret celebrities are using to get skinny fast. New moms are popping the skinny pill and dramatically dropping all their pregnancy weight. Some celebrities aren’t just shedding pounds gained during pregnancy. They’re losing prepregnancy weight too; they’re skinnier and shapelier than they’ve been in […]

Your body is not a fashion accessory

While much wailing and gnashing of teeth and anger and bad decisions are made in regards to fighting obesity and childhood obesity in particular, is anybody paying attention to what may be the biggest contributing factor? You’d think the obesity problem is because our nation is a bunch of fat slobs who don’t care about anything […]