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Easter ChEating

All over the state dieters will be Easter ChEating on Sunday!  What is Easter ChEating? Some people consider eating certain food, or too much food to be “cheating.” While they consume food, they’re consumed with guilt. “Being bad” on a diet should be avoided, but many can’t avoid it. It seems the harder they try, […]

Easter Countdown

Tomorrow the Easter Bunny will come. Here are some strategies for welcoming the bunny and getting to Monday with no (weight-related) regrets! Eat normally today. Eating light today is planning to overeat tomorrow. Plan for moderation and flexible restraint. Flexible restraint is allowing some extra treats but maintaining a degree of restraint. It’s a skill […]

Easter Eating and Staying On Track!

Easter is coming. The candies are shaped like eggs. Their normally brown wrappers have been transformed into flower-covered, beautiful pastels! They look even more tempting and delicious than normal. Jelly beans are in bowls everywhere you look. It easy to scoop up a few and eat them without so much as a thought. Easter candy […]