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How do I lose weight when I gotta be eating all day?

A lot of us eat a lot more than we realize. I’m not talking about portion distortion or putting great, big servings of food on our plates and thinking it’s a reasonable helping. I’m talking about eating throughout the day without paying attention to how often or how much we’re putting this or that into […]

Could your table manners make you fat?

We know that body weight is a complex issue. Weight gain can be a combination of a lot of things, but we rarely consider it’s a result of bad manners. In many ways we’ve moved away from the mannerly behaviors that used to be observed by everybody except the most uncivilized. Manners dictated that we […]

How Does Group Support Meetings Make Weight Loss Fun?

Losing weight is rarely associated with fun. Doing the stuff you have to do to lose weight isn’t usually very fun. What’s fun about eating less? What’s fun about rejecting a second serving of something that tastes really good? For that matter, what’s fun about rejecting food that¬†tastes really good ever? We’re not talking about […]