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A man is disgusted when she sits down beside him on an airplane….

A man is disgusted when she sits down beside him on an airplane. 2 hours later he’s a changed man! Without reading the story, you may already guess why the man is disgusted. The woman who sat down beside him is either, a different race than he is, wearing garments to indicate she’s of a […]

I Am All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass is about self-acceptance. I’m all about that. Meghan Trainor’s self-acceptance message in All About the Bass is based on how her body is perceived by the boys. I’m not all about that. My problem with “her positive self image” and song about her perfect body is because she needs validation from […]

#fatkini Love Your Body

Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg made up the word fatkini in 2012. She wanted to encourage ladies of size to love their bodies, take the plunge and share a photo of themselves in their bikinis. I love that larger women are encouraged to love their bodies. I love that they’re encouraged not to be ashamed by […]

I was fat-shamed at Gorham House of Pizza

Fat-shaming me didn’t embarrass me. It didn’t wreck my day. It didn’t make me run for the SlimFast or to join Weight Watchers. It sure didn’t make me cry or ask myself, “what’s wrong with me?” It pissed me off. Yes! I was fat and I was pissed! This particular fat-shaming incident, and there were […]

Are You Fat? I Won’t Judge!

Are you fat? It’s okay with me. I don’t care what you weigh, nor should nobody else care. There is nothing about being fat that makes a person any less valuable or wonderful than a thinner person! Some thin people are not wonderful at all! I know what it’s like to be fat and treated […]