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3 Things you should never say to an overweight child

#1. “You have to be careful or you’ll end up just like (fill in the blank – an obese family member.)” Every time you speak to a child you’re giving them information they’ll use to create their self-identity. You don’t want to unintentionally help them to create a negative self-identity. Winding up obese like “Auntie […]

Stop! Never Put a Fat Kid on a Diet!

The dangers of childhood obesity are well-known. The statistics are grim. Some of the statistics can’t be supported with reliable research but that doesn’t stop these stats getting repeated in the media. As a nation we worry about our children and want to help them to be healthy. The problem is many know that there […]

Guidelines for Families (with or without) a Fat KId

I prefer “fat kid” over the term childhood obesity. I hate the clinical sound of the phrase.   Let’s just call them KIDS! We don’t need labels for children that describe their physical features! The important thing to remember is they are no different than any other kid weighing less and should not be treated […]