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What is the scoop on ice cream and weight loss

Hot, hazy summer days were made for ice cream. Are some ice creams are healthier than others? Stop looking for “healthy ice cream” right now. Ice cream is a treat, not a staple of a healthy food plan and it should be treated as such. Instead of wasting time and calories searching for the healthiest […]

Can’t stop eating no matter how hard you try

Eating is necessary. You’re supposed to eat. It’s against nature to stop eating. No wonder you can’t stop eating. You want to eat less and that’s pretty hard too. Does trying to eat less always make you end up eating even even more? You’re not alone and there are good reasons why that happens. Emotional, genetic, […]

Maine Firefighter fights excess weight with Weight Watchers

When Weight Watchers of Maine launched its Fit to Rescue ME program in the spring of 2013 offering free Weight Watchers meetings to firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical technicians, Phippsburg firefighter, Dana McClean signed up. He successfully fought fires, but wasn’t as successful fighting his weight. http://wabi.tv/2014/05/21/weight-watchers-offers-free-program-maine-police-fire-rescue-personnel/ Mclean confides, “Since I was a very young […]

5 signs you’re succeeding with weight loss even if the scale doesn’t say so

When we decide to lose weight, a crappy little machine wants to make or break us. It’s not much more than a little slab of metal and springs that sits on the floor of our bathrooms. It becomes the most important thing in our lives and the bane of our existence. Everything we do revolves […]

Don’t Kill Your Inner Skinny Girl (or Guy)!

Inside of every overweight person lives a skinny version of her or him. I don’t care how overweight you may be, your skinny self is in there. Many overweight people are trying to kill their skinny selves, they don’t know they’re doing it, but they are. The skinny person inside doesn’t want to die. He […]

Will You Maintain Your Weight Loss? Take the Quiz

Your diet is working! You’re losing weight and looking and feeling great! You heard the statistics for maintaining a lower weight and they’re not good. Will you be able to beat the odds?  WIll you be one of the fortunate few who stay at goal? You can determine your likelihood of staying at goal by taking […]

Lose Weight and Get Fit with this 5-Step No Diet Diet!

Here are five healthy routines that are surprisingly easy to integrate into any lifestyle. Routines are things we do every day without conscious thought. We just do them; that’s what makes them routine. Healthy routines make it easy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Routines can be a way to lose weight and keep […]