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What to do when the scale drives you crazy

Scale paranoia isn’t rare. Lots of sane, sensible, confident people fall apart at the idea of stepping on the scale. That metal contraption on the bathroom floor is just waiting to wreck their day, maybe their week, perhaps their life! I can’t argue that it’s not discouraging to cut back on how much you eat […]

2 essential weight loss rules for people who hate rules

I hate rules, especially weight loss rules. Rules are often hard to follow, but easy to break, at least for me. When it comes to weight loss rules they’re usually restrictive and/or a bad fit with my life. For example, here’s a rule that’s a bad fit for me – Start every day with a […]

Talk “thin” to get thin

The language you use to describe your actions can either support or undermine your goal. It’s not just what you do that matters. What you call it or, what you say to yourself and others, makes a difference. Take Lindy and Mindy for example. They¬†have the same goal weight in mind. Each will need to […]