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Help! I Live/Work With a Diet Wrecker!

I’m back talking about excuses again.   I don’t judge but I do have a habit of eavesdropping. I can’t help it. It’s as though my ears were programmed to pick up conversations about weight loss regardless of where I am, what I’m doing or how much noise and confusion is going on around me. […]

Sunday Setback Savvy

Monday is the unofficial¬†day to start a new diet.¬†Monday is tomorrow! That makes Sunday a good day to evaluate the last diet cut short before reaching goal. Many diets end with reaching goal but the new lower weight isn’t maintained because once the goal weight is reached, the weight-loss diet gets replaced with the former […]

Group Support Works (for weight loss and other things) Even for those Who Don’t Think They Benefit By the Help of Others!

I considered myself to be an independent, capable person. I didn’t seek help to get things done and I sure never wanted to be part of a “group support system.” The whole idea of people sitting around helping each other sounded boring, pathetic and an overall waste of time. I thought I might have something […]

Finding the Motivation to Go All the Way to Your Weight Loss Goal

Top Reasons Motivations Fails 1. Rate of weight loss slows down after the first few weeks. 2. Boredom from eating from overly restrictive food choices and quantities. 3. After some pounds are gone the urgency to lose weight begins to wane. 4. Friends and family are unsupportive. 5. Friends and family actively sabotage. 6. Believing […]