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I eat stuff that people say isn’t healthy

I eat gluten, animals, sugar, and a whole bunch of stuff I can neither pronounce nor spell. I eat all of that stuff and I like it. There are chemicals in my food and I can’t pronounce them nor do I even care much about what they are or why they’re there. Am I worried […]

Please no more unsolicited diet advice

This is an open blog to people who are trying to change how I eat with unsolicited advice. It’s annoying. Unfortunately you may not know who you are. I always¬†cheer for people who successfully quit smoking or lost weight. It’s not easy and people deserve recognition and congratulations for their success. Why do some of […]

What kills more women than breast cancer?

It’s October. It’s breast cancer awareness month and women should be aware of their risk and how to take care of themselves to minimize the risk. Women should also know that there is a bigger threat to their¬†lives than breast cancer. In fact, this killer kills 6 times more women than all the cancers put […]