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Feed yourself the way you feed your pet to maintain healthy weight

What happens when you allow your pet access to its favorite food 24 hours a day? You probably don’t want to try it to find out. Your pet, like most animals, will overeat until it becomes extremely overweight and inactive. It’s not natural for animals to have complete and consistent access to highly palatable food. […]

What’s a Diet Necklace and other Weight Loss Wearables?

Necklaces have power to change behavior. Dogs wear a necklace that gives them a zap if they’re about to leave the yard. Now there’s a necklace to help people lose weight. No, it doesn’t give users a zap when they eat too much, but I’m sure there are people who would prefer that it did! […]

How to Get Healthier

People want to get healthy and no wonder, health improves every aspect of life including longevity. One┬áproblem is knowing what to do to get healthy and how to recognize the sleazy predators that don’t care about your health – just your money – from the good, reliable sources of information. Another problem is that even […]