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Taking care of your heart might result in weight loss

Actually, this is all about taking care of your heart and weight loss is a pleasant side effect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that improving habits to protect your heart almost always result in losing weight. Women are acutely aware of their cancer risks, most notably breast cancer. Fewer women, however, are aware that they’re far […]

What kills more women than breast cancer?

It’s October. It’s breast cancer awareness month and women should be aware of their risk and how to take care of themselves to minimize the risk. Women should also know that there is a bigger threat to their lives than breast cancer. In fact, this killer kills 6 times more women than all the cancers put […]

Stop Envying Skinny People! They’re Not as Lucky as You Think!

Skinny people are so lucky! They look good and they’re healthy and they don’t even have to worry about either one of those things! So not true! Skinny isn’t always pretty! Think “models on the cover of Vogue!” Health cannot be determined by a visual determination of how fat or skinny somebody might be. The […]

Take the Quiz: Are You Too Fat?

It’s hard to know what’s too fat and what’s okay. We get so many mixed messages from the media.  It’s not just a simple numbers formula as some health experts would have you think. It’s not a matter of whether or not you have a hot beach body either. Everybody seems to have an opinion, but […]

Why I Don’t Just Stop Worrying About How Much I Weigh?

I’ve been actively struggling with my weight since I was 16. It’s been up and down. Being pregnant was the only time I didn’t care how much I weighed. In the 1980s, when all 4 of my girls were born, my OB didn’t care either. I don’t know that pregnant women get the same luxury today. […]