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No Christmas cookies for me because I’m on a diet

Here comes the Christmas cookies and the eggnog. Only the thin people and the people who don’t care how much they weigh get to enjoy the treats of the holiday. The rest of us are going to have to employ some strong discipline and willpower to stick to the obligatory party vegetable tray throughout the holiday […]

Winter diet tips, when to scrimp and when to splurge on calories

I’ve been hearing a lot of tips on how to cut calories out of your holiday meals on various network and local new programs. Indeed, I’ve been known to share those tips many times on WABI evening news, Good Day Maine and 207. Why wouldn’t I? They’re good tips, especially when I only have 2 to […]

It’s November, how many pounds will you gain before New Year’s Day?

End of year, also known as holiday weight gain is real.   It’s real and often exaggerated. Although gains of more than 10 pounds are reported, the average weight gain during this time of year is about one pound. Do you care about end of the year weight gain? Does it matter to you?   […]

How will I avoid holiday weight gain when my exercise machine is broken?

I didn’t realize how heavily I rely on my exercise machine until it broke. When it broke I thought it was a matter of getting it fixed quickly and I’d barely miss a beat. It didn’t work out like that. I took the machine to get repaired. The technician gave me bad news. “6-years-old. Out […]

Don’t Stress over Counting and Tracking Your Food over the Holidays

Counting and tracking is stressful. Look at the ways it brings us stress: How does this holiday treat count? I’m eating a lot of food that’s not part of my typical food plan. It’s stressing me out having to look up how these unfamiliar foods count. I like to eat on autopilot and already know, […]

Lose Weight While You Enjoy the Holiday Season!

“Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season is Coming and My Diet Will Be Blown!” We end every year with a bunch of holidays and festive activities that are centered around food. I’d argue that it’s the best holiday food and treats of the year. We hear statistics about average weight gains from the period starting with Thanksgiving […]