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3 fun ways to lose weight

If losing weight were fun more people would be successful. Part of the problem with weight loss is people treat it like a punishment for the crime of letting myself go. I want to emphasize no crime was committed and therefore there is no punishment necessary. Now that we have the idea that obesity is a punishable […]

The Best 5 Ways to Get or Give Help to Support Sustained Weight Loss!

Weight loss can overwhelm and elude many of the smartest, strongest, most capable people on the planet. Being surrounded by people who say stupid things, even if their intentions are good, make it harder. As somebody who’s spent a good deal struggling with my own weight as well as helping others who struggle, I learned […]

Is Weight Watchers Any Good or Does it Suck?

Is Weight Watchers any good or is it a waste of money? We can’t escape hearing about the Obesity Crisis in the US. We get obesity statistics daily and we’re constantly reminded of all the sickness and chronic disease associated with obesity. As a nation we are obsessed with weight loss. We are also overwhelmed […]