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Hating yourself is bad for relationships and successful weight loss

In today’s blog, two experts consider one problem with multiple dimensions. Jackie Conn is a weight loss and healthy living expert. Jim LaPierre is an expert in mental health and relational health. Jackie: When Karen and Bruce married, she proudly walked down the aisle is a form-fitting, size 4 wedding gown. Karen admits she “dieted […]

Better things to do than eat this holiday season

If you’re getting bored with tips and strategies to avoid overeating in December, I don’t blame you. I’ve written so many articles and blogs on the topic and appeared on so many news programs in Maine sharing my insight that I’m more than bored. The sad thing is that too often the focus is on eating […]

Please have faith in me

Jim LaPierre, Recovery Rocks, writes: Just as failure and relapse rates are high in substance abuse, so too they are in our attempts to overcome food addictions and achieve weight loss goals. I want to throttle every person who quotes statistics on the effectiveness of rehabilitative programs. Today’s piece is a guest blog from my […]