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Elimination diets are no way to lose weight

What’s an elimination diet? An elimination diet is cutting out certain foods to determine allergies or sensitivities. It’s a proven to work, but it’s no way to lose weight. Two examples of elimination diets said to be effective ways to lose weight are Paleo and Vegan. Both diets demand you give up certain foods and […]

What’s water got to do with weight loss?

Things every dieter knows. “You gotta drink your water.” “No water, no weight loss.” Water has long been believed to be a key ingredient in aiding weight loss. It’s been credited with: Floating away dietary fat before it can stick to you as body fat. Satisfying the need to eat because you were never really […]

Carbs! Are they your body’s friend or foe?

“I can’t have carbs. They make me fat,” she says while she eats her yogurt. “You realize your 1/2 cup of yogurt has 19 grams of carbs, right?” replies her friend. The┬ápanicked woman looks like she just swallowed arsenic and she spits our the yogurt and shouts, “no way!” Not since the 90s when dietary […]