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I Hate the Diet Industry!

I hate the diet industry! I hate the diet industry and I know that some of you are reading this and saying, “then why are you the general manager of a diet company?” The company I manage is not a diet company. It’s a commercial weight loss service. And I think some may say, “what’s the difference? […]

5 Ways That Dieting Makes You Fatter

Want to lose weight by dieting? Don’t do it! Dieting might make you fatter! Dieting isn’t a lasting solution for reducing body weight. It’s far more likely to produce the opposite results.  You may already have experience with dieting and you know for yourself that it makes you fatter. Here is why: (Cue the Jaws theme!) 1) […]

Lose Weight Fast! How Much Weight Can I Lose by Summer?

Summer officially kicked off this past weekend with the Memorial Day festivities. Now we’re all looking ahead to summer fun and yes, bathing suits! With the winter we just went through it was hard to believe we’d ever see summer or put on a bathing suit ever again or at least in Maine. Now we […]