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Kirstie and Oprah! Big Fat Cheaters?

I’m not good about waiting in lines. I hate it, especially when I’m waiting to give too much of my money to a store for a couple of products that probably cost a lot less somewhere else. So if the line is more than a few people, I pick up one of the magazines that […]

How much is weight loss worth to you?

Today I had a conversation with somebody who really wants to lose weight. She agreed it was okay to blog about her as long as I avoided anything that would allow somebody to recognize her, so I will not use her name. Her reason, she told me, was to actually weigh the weight displayed on […]

How to Lose Belly Fat

Bellies and belly fat seem to be the #1 trouble spot. A lot of money is spent everyday to flatten bellies. Much of it is wasted on false promises. For some, weight loss completely eliminates belly woes and others will lose weight, but not the belly! Is there anything that can be done to lose belly […]