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How to lose weight and keep your friends

Nobody likes a loser!¬†Well maybe a few people do, but there are definitely some who don’t! Losers are scary. If you’re a loser, be prepared to have people fear you and shun you. Loser, in the context of this blog, is the person who lost weight. Losing weight may make the loser feel great, feel […]

Easter ChEating

All over the state dieters will be Easter ChEating on Sunday!¬† What is Easter ChEating? Some people consider eating certain food, or too much food to be “cheating.” While they consume food, they’re consumed with guilt. “Being bad” on a diet should be avoided, but many can’t avoid it. It seems the harder they try, […]

Can Losing Weight Be Depressing?

Can losing weight be depressing? I know that my moods were tied to the scale and yes, when the scale didn’t reveal what I wanted to see, it was depressing. The depression didn’t last long because after I stepped on the scale I waited for my Weight Watchers meeting to begin. Sometimes something funny would […]

Weight Loss Lapsing, Learning and Moving On

Every now and then somebody makes up her mind to lose weight and gets all the way to goal without a single lapse. While it’s possible that some people are able to set their mind to lose weight and stick tight to their plan, it’s not common. Maybe you are one of those people who […]