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Cauliflower is the ugly vegetable that can do beautiful things for your body

Cauliflower is a favorite among the low carb dieters. It’s taking the place of flour. It is the “bread” in a grilled cheese sandwich, the “crust” on your pizza, the “rice” in your fried rice, and the “potatoes” in mashed potatoes. Substituting cauliflower, the white vegetable, for the white, refined carbs is touted as the […]

The Truth About Carbs and Belly Fat

Before you read this blog, test yourself on your carb knowledge. How Evil are Carbs? Surprised? If you thought that carbs made you fat, you’re right and you’re wrong. Calories you don’t need for energy as fuel for body processes in the amounts that you consume them make you fat. If allĀ of your calories come […]