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Can you be forced to lose weight?

Some people think that forced weight loss is an effective solution to America’s problem of obesity. America doesn’t have a problem with obesity.  I’m not saying there are not obese individuals in the US, although, for some reason the word “obese” is as offensive to me as many 4-letter words. I happen to prefer the […]

I’m a Weight Loss Expert, Not a Medical Professional

I don’t want to misrepresent myself – ever! I want it to be clear that I am a weight loss expert. My expertise comes experience and my position as a general manager of a trusted commercial weight loss service. I think it’s accurate to say that my expertise is enhanced by my personal weight loss and […]

Behind Every Human Action there is a Positive Intent – Even Suicide

The nation is shocked and saddened by the apparent suicide death of comic genius, Robin Williams. Many people are asking, “why?” I don’t know the particulars, but I know why. Dying either gave Williams something he wanted and needed or it enabled him to escape an unbearable pain. Whatever prompted him to do what he […]

Lose weight without exercise

Losing weight without exercise is my dream come true! I hate exercise. I’m the girl who “had her period continuously through junior and high school,” to get out of gym. I’m the girl who lists her favorite activities as “going out to eat,” and “eating popcorn at the movies.” I got picked last every time […]