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What women over 50 need to know about belly fat

Women who have spent their whole lives slim often get a rude surprise in their 50s. Why am I getting so fat? Why is my belly bulging? What caused these rolls of fat on my back and belly?  Waistbands start to dig into fat that was never there before. Rolls of back fat suddenly appear. […]

You Can’t Stop Menopause But Do You Have to get Fat Too?

With life, for women, comes menopause. Some women fear menopause because it’s a sure sign that she is entering her “declining years.” Some women fear menopause because they believe weight gain always comes with it and there will be no escaping the pounds menopause brings. Well, I guess there’s no denying the declining year point […]

Menopause and Weight Gain and/or Loss

Menopause and its affect on a woman’s weight is discussed often and understood less. Myth-information is everywhere and no wonder, there’s money to be made getting women to believe what’s not true. It’s a common myth to believe that menopause causes weight gain. Look at the back of any women’s magazine and count all the […]