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What is the connection between metabolism and your weight woes

Lots of people sail through life without any worries about weight. Their weight settles into a comfortable place that looks good and feels good. It doesn’t take much thought or effort to keep it there. All is well… All is well until the 40th or so birthday, and this applies to the guys as well […]

See you lighter

Didi you notice? I changed the name of my blog, but not my purpose for writing it.   The old name,¬†Sooner or Lighter, just didn’t quite fit the content of the blog. ¬†See You Lighter is much clearer because that’s why I write this blog. If you want to weigh less, in other words get […]

Video self-modeling could be your answer to losing weight and keeping it off

How would you like to know there is something that could not only significantly improve your chance of reaching your weight goal, and better than that, ensure that your ability to maintain it would be greater than ever before? I’m looking for people interested in trying a better way to change destructive behaviors that negatively […]