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The 3 biggest diet strategies backfires

In the search to find effective diet strategies, there are some that backfire more often than they help move people closer to their weight goal. Oddly, people have tried them and they backfired and yet, the next time they’re motivated to lose weight, they go right back to these same strategies hoping for a different outcome. […]

5 things you must give up to weigh less

Here are the things you need to give up to weigh less and to weigh less and stay weighing less.  1. All fattening foods! If you continue to eat fattening foods you’ll never lose weight. What are the foods that are fattening? That depends on you. You’re the one who categorizes the food you eat. […]

What’s attitude sickness and why does it make us fat?

Every time you have ever tried to lose weight and failed, it’s always because of the same reason. Yes, always. It might seem to be something different every time, but all failed attempts can be traced to a single cause. It’s because you have a sickness that stops your success. The only reason you have not […]

Stupid Things We Say To Ourselves That Keep Us Fat

Weight loss isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Losing weight improved my life. It’s made it easier to do the things I love to do. I fit into a kayak and I have the energy to paddle it. It’s easier to get on the floor to play with my grandchildren. I reduced my risk of heart […]