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Here is the one skill to master to help you sleep better, manage stress, and beat cravings

This isn’t a trick or a scam. This won’t cost you any money and it will help you sleep better, manage stress, and beat cravings. The benefits of learning and practicing this skill don’t end there. It can make you happier and healthier. This skill comes to us from Dr. Andrew Weill, M.D. If that […]

Recovering from Christmas Past

Christmas is two days behind us, but if you’re at all like me you may still be feeling the bloat of the holiday. If I were to list all that I ate on Christmas day and to calculate the calories, or in my case as I count with Weight Watchers, the SmartPoints, I would be […]

Are you having trouble stuffing your genes into your jeans?

Is it your fault if you can’t find a pair of jeans that zip and button?¬† If you’re a middle-aged adult who only recently outgrew your jeans, possibly. If finding jeans big enough has been a problem your whole life, it could be your¬†genes. It could be the genes, and then again, it’s you too. […]