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When Weight Loss Isn’t Good

As somebody who has struggled with my weight, I fully understand the delight brought on by stepping on the scale and seeing a lower number. It’s a wonderful feeling to see that your efforts are finally paying off. What about when your efforts haven’t really changed? For those of us who have had a hard […]

5 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss!

1) Start with a reasonable goal – 5 to 10% of your starting weight. Choosing a weight goal is usually not too scientific. It might be a weight from our past or just a number that a chart says it right for us based on age, gender, and height. Although these number may be achievable, […]

Losing the Baby Fat! Can You Be “Runway Ready” 3 Months After Giving Birth?

Losing the fat after having a baby is a cinch! Look at all the celebrities. They’re doing it and so can you! Don’t believe it. They have publicists which is another word for people whose job is to make celebrities seem to be superhuman. They are responsible for creating an image and getting stories published […]

How to Find YOUR Best Weight Loss Solution

It’s a fact that the best way to lose weight is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily there are many choices for weight loss. Unluckily not all are going to work and sometimes people try too many that don’t work in search of the one that will. After many failed attempts they lose hope and accept […]

Lost Weight and Now My Skin is Too Big! The Sad Saga of Sagging Skin!

Not everything about weight loss is pretty. There can be problems with gas and constipation¬†at the start of weight loss. Not fun, but the problems can be eased. Another unpretty result of weight loss is harder to fix – sagging skin and stretch marks! How much your skin sags and how much your body is […]

Lose Weight Fast! How Much Weight Can I Lose by Summer?

Summer officially kicked off this past weekend with the Memorial Day festivities. Now we’re all looking ahead to summer fun and yes, bathing suits! With the winter we just went through it was hard to believe we’d ever see summer or put on a bathing suit ever again or at least in Maine. Now we […]