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How to diet like Trump

Not since Bill Clinton left the White House has a U.S. President so fully ignored healthy eating guidelines. Clinton’s diet later caught up to him and he’s made an about face on his eating habits. Donald Trump embraces the Standard American Diet (SAD) and makes no apologies. It’s heavy on highly processed foods and lacking […]

Fat Season is here! Time to grab the stretch pants?

The day after Halloween is the first day of Fat Season. It is here! Fat season is the perfect storm for weight gain. Multiple factors all come together at once that encourage making more fat, not losing it. We have seasonal goodies. Seasonal goodies aren’t available all year long and that’s what makes them so delicious. […]

The Standard American Diet (SAD) Makes Us Fat or SAD Makes Us Sad!

I’ve written many times that a healthy diet includes every food you want to eat. I’m not taking that statement back. In fact, I’m repeating it with emphasis! A healthy diet includes every food you want to eat! Eating what you want is fine and it can be healthy, but that’s not to say that […]