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How can you find the best way for you to lose weight

I received an email last week through the contact form on my blog from somebody who works for a small research team. She explained that they recently conducted an unbiased review of weight loss programs. She included a link and wanted me to take a look. With so many ways to lose weight, and most […]

Science-Based Home Environmental Management Tips to Aid Healthy Lifestyle and Body Weight

It’s a proven scientific fact; our environment influences our behavior. We can use that knowledge to help us behave in ways to support weight control. We can arrange our personal environments to make healthy lifestyle choices become our habits. An environment created with a healthy lifestyle in mind can change our habits and thus change our weight. Here […]

3 Science-Based Weight Loss and Maintenance Facts

Oh boy! This is a bold statement to make because every time we think we have a weight loss fact, somebody somewhere does some research that seems to negate that fact. The facts I’m about to share have been thoroughly vetted. They stand the test of time and testing! There’s been research to try to […]