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Things you might not know about weight loss

If you have been struggling with your weight for years you probably think you know everything there is to know about weight loss. Here are somethings you may not know about weight loss. Weight loss is still calories in and calories out. Yes, that’s a simplification, but after all the other factors and considerations about […]

Is the 2017 election making you fat?

Well-known triggers for overeating are stress and strong emotions, and lack of sleep. The 2017 election, particularly the race for President and the 2nd District Congressional seat are stirring up plenty of that. If that’s not enough to drive you to the salty, fatty, sugary food for relief, there are the referendum questions. Higher taxes […]

If you’re sure you can’t lose weight you must read this

You can lose weight. Yes, you, even if you’re certain you can’t. Even if you tried to lose weight multiple times and failed every single time, you can lose weight. Start with a reasonable goal – 5 to 10% of your starting weight. You might think you can’t lose weight because you have never reached […]

Forget about Thanksgiving dinner, this year it’s Thanksgiving thinner

Why do we overeat at Thanksgiving? Dumb question, right? We overeat because it’s expected of us. We’re talking about a holiday that was created for the feast! Yes, of course, the feast is second to giving thanks, but I do believe the thanks was for a successful year in the new land and a tables […]

How to lose weight without losing your bad habits

Bet you have at least one bad habit that led to gaining weight. There’s a good chance you have tried to lose the bad habits in a sincere effort to lose weight. I bet that you found that breaking habits forever is darn near impossible. You think they’re gone and then some unknown, perhaps even […]

Something is eating you and it’s making you fat!

What’s eating you? How is it making you fat? What can you do about it? What if it can’t be stopped? What monster is in your gut right now demanding you feed it? There’s no monster in your gut demanding to be fed. The monster isn’t in your gut, it’s in your head. Don’t bother clicking […]

Give yourself a pep talk instead of a stress talk

“Oh my God, I get so stressed out this time of year.” “I’m trying to lose weight and I’m freaking out about all the food everywhere. I don’t know how I can handle this stress.”   “My family always causes me major stress. No matter what I do I can’t please them.” Those are 3 […]

Do You Have to Lose Weight to be Healthy?

We hear a lot about the connection between health and weight. It’s hard to argue that being overweight is healthy. Maybe it’s healthy to be overweight, maybe it’s not. Is health really a matter of how much you weigh or what you do? I think there’s a lot of proof that weight is not the […]

Can Too Much Screen Time Cause Stress Eating?

“Limit your leisure/entertainment screen time to two hours daily.” The two hours doesn’t include screen time that’s part of your job. That is excellent health advice and you will hear it from many health and fitness experts. It’s often directed at children only, but it’s excellent advice for adults too. In fact, it’s a healthy habit to […]