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Get off your but and lose that weight

Yes, of course you want to lose weight. That’s why you clicked on this, but there is one word that can stop you. If you find yourself saying but you are setting yourself up to fail. Using but is like throwing up a big Jersey barrier on your road to success.       Everybody […]

Keeping off the weight you lost

Rumor has it that weight once lost is found again. If not found every time, it’s regained at least 99% of the time. The discouraging statistic for maintaining a loss are so often repeated that some people who would like to lose weight, and who would benefit both health-wise and personally, won’t even try. They […]

Yesterday I ate too much and I’m paying the price

Yesterday was a nothing-special day. It wasn’t a holiday; I wasn’t invited to a party. It was a plain, old day and I don’t have a good reason for eating as much as I did. Worse than eating too much without a good reason, I ate too much stuff that didn’t even taste all that […]

5 Reasons Why Losing Weight is such a Struggle.

If losing weight were easy the only people who would be overweight would be the people who had absolutely no interest in weighing less. I can’t say with all certainty, but I feel safe to surmise, that many people who don’t have interest in losing weight, would be interested if it weren’t such an overwhelming […]

6 Things You Should Know About Your Weight Loss

There are 6 things you should know about weight loss if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off. These 6 things are as true or as false as you want to make them. If you choose to make them true you will be rewarded with sustained weight management. It’s really your decision […]

Can Too Much Screen Time Cause Stress Eating?

“Limit your leisure/entertainment screen time to two hours daily.” The two hours doesn’t include screen time that’s part of your job. That is excellent health advice and you will hear it from many health and fitness experts. It’s often directed at children only, but it’s excellent advice for adults too. In fact, it’s a healthy habit to […]