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Hillary Freeman does not need to protect her child against fat people

Hillary Freeman has it all wrong. She doesn’t need to protect her daughter from the influence of fat people. I want to know who will protect her daughter from the influence of her mother? She doesn’t want her daughter to learn that it’s “normal to be fat,” She’s okay with her daughter learning it’s okay […]

Santa is fat so he must be unhealthy, right?

Originally published 12/6/14 Santa Claus is the most famous fat man in the world. He usually gets a pass for his heavyweight condition, except from nutcase, anti-obesity activist Meme Roth who says, “the customary image of Santa Claus is close to morbidly obese.”  She believes he should be re-invented into a jolly old elf who resembles […]

Do You Have to Lose Weight to be Healthy?

We hear a lot about the connection between health and weight. It’s hard to argue that being overweight is healthy. Maybe it’s healthy to be overweight, maybe it’s not. Is health really a matter of how much you weigh or what you do? I think there’s a lot of proof that weight is not the […]