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Elimination diets are no way to lose weight

What’s an elimination diet? An elimination diet is cutting out certain foods to determine allergies or sensitivities. It’s a proven to work, but it’s no way to lose weight. Two examples of elimination diets said to be effective ways to lose weight are Paleo and Vegan. Both diets demand you give up certain foods and […]

Please no more unsolicited diet advice

This is an open blog to people who are trying to change how I eat with unsolicited advice. It’s annoying. Unfortunately you may not know who you are. I always¬†cheer for people who successfully quit smoking or lost weight. It’s not easy and people deserve recognition and congratulations for their success. Why do some of […]

I’ll never tell you what to eat

I can help you lose weight but I won’t tell you what to eat. ¬† I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for 25 years. I know about weight loss and I know about me, but aside from your wanting to lose weight, I don’t know anything about you. That’s why I won’t tell you what […]