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Don’t take my word for it, ask your doctor!

Hello readers! I have a big favor to ask of you! Don’t take my word for anything related to weight loss, nutrition and physical activity. Ask your doctor for advice! I’m not asking you to stop reading my blog, for heaven’s sake, just talk things over with your doc! I want you to be aware […]

How much should I weigh?

This question is asked so frequently that I decided I should republish this blog. In my line of business, I get this question all the time. Heck, I’ve even asked myself the same thing? HOW MUCH SHOULD I WEIGH? The interesting thing about this question is, “why does it matter?” Who asks themselves, “how tall […]

Why Are So Many Nurses So Fat?

If you have visited a hospital lately as a patient or a guest of a patient you might have noticed there are a lot of fat nurses. One study found that 55% of nurses are overweight or obese. It’s also been discovered through research that nurses who work night shifts tend to be fatter than […]