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What is the connection between metabolism and your weight woes

Lots of people sail through life without any worries about weight. Their weight settles into a comfortable place that looks good and feels good. It doesn’t take much thought or effort to keep it there. All is well… All is well until the 40th or so birthday, and this applies to the guys as well […]

Breast cancer survivors are often surprised with weight gain

It seems unfair that after getting diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully battling the disease that survivors should have a higher rate of weight gain than women who never had breast cancer. Of course, there’s nothing fair about breast cancer or illness in general, but why should women who survived breast cancer have another tough […]

Eat, drink and weigh less

How would you like to eat, drink and weigh less? You can. Reducing your weight isn’t a matter of fearing food, it’s all about learning how to eat less and love it more. Fear of food is making us fat. Every time I turn around I see headlines exclaiming the ever-rising obesity rate in the […]

You Can’t Stop Menopause But Do You Have to get Fat Too?

With life, for women, comes menopause. Some women fear menopause because it’s a sure sign that she is entering her “declining years.” Some women fear menopause because they believe weight gain always comes with it and there will be no escaping the pounds menopause brings. Well, I guess there’s no denying the declining year point […]

Does Obesity Research Offer New Excuses to Keep Us Fat?

As the general manager of a science-based commercial weight management service ( as opposed to a gimmicky marketing-based diet company) I am kept up-to-date on the latest scientific research that helps to solve the puzzle that is how to achieve sustainable weight management.  I shared some of that research in my blogs, 5 Things That […]

Super Size Me! Does the Fast Food Industry Promote Obesity?

This is long. I’m going to break it into several blogs over that I will post over the course of several days. I will use the synopsis of the documentary film, Super Size Me, posted by IMDb and written by Shimon Haber. Part 1 The fast food industry stirs up the passions of many. There are […]

Menopause and Weight Gain and/or Loss

Menopause and its affect on a woman’s weight is discussed often and understood less. Myth-information is everywhere and no wonder, there’s money to be made getting women to believe what’s not true. It’s a common myth to believe that menopause causes weight gain. Look at the back of any women’s magazine and count all the […]