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When Losing Weight Start Slow to get to the Big Finish!

You can run a mile faster than you can walk a mile, but if you’re out of shape and hurt yourself after only running a few yards, you will never be able to run that mile. Walking is slower but you’re less likely to hurt yourself and therefore more likely to cover the distance to […]

Super Slimming Saturday Strategies

Saturdays are just right for socializing and losing weight! Balancing socializing and weight loss takes finesse. It’s a skill and anybody can learn how to do it. Here are the basic steps: 1. Know your limits. Whether you’re counting calories, PointsPlus values, diabetic exchanges, or some other tracking method know how many you have to […]

Weight Loss Lapsing, Learning and Moving On

Every now and then somebody makes up her mind to lose weight and gets all the way to goal without a single lapse. While it’s possible that some people are able to set their mind to lose weight and stick tight to their plan, it’s not common. Maybe you are one of those people who […]

Losing weight takes progress not perfection

I think readers should know right now that I watch my weight. I work daily to keep it where I am most comfortable. That means I monitor what I eat and I have to tell myself (often) “you’ve been sitting too long. Get up and do something active.” I think you should also know that […]