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Why you didn’t lose weight in 2016

Another year is about to end. The end of the year may mean it’s another year your weight-related goals when unmet. It could even be one of many years that comes to a close and your weight goal eludes you. Here is why you didn’t lose weight in ’16. You tried too hard. You took […]

Please have faith in me

Jim LaPierre, Recovery Rocks, writes: Just as failure and relapse rates are high in substance abuse, so too they are in our attempts to overcome food addictions and achieve weight loss goals. I want to throttle every person who quotes statistics on the effectiveness of rehabilitative programs. Today’s piece is a guest blog from my […]

What your scale doesn’t know

Your scale doesn’t know much, but that may not stop you when it comes to letting it be the sole judge of well you’re doing with your weight-related goals. We step on the scale waiting for it to render its judgement. Are we a success or a failure? After a second or so, the judgement comes […]

Anybody can be too smart to be fat

I’m too smart to be fat. I’m not saying this in a boastful way and I certainly am not saying people who are overweight are not smart. I’m saying I used my smarts to overcome my weight struggles. You can do that too. I realized that losing weight was a matter of motivation and making changes […]

Maybe You Can’t Lose Weight, But You CAN Change What You Weigh!

This is for everybody who’s ever tried to lose weight, one or more times, and failed. This is for everybody who’s lost weight only to gain it back (or more.) This is for everybody who believes he or she can’t lose weight. You’re right! You can’t lose weight. There is no use even trying to […]

Why You Didn’t Lose Weight in 2014

You started the year determined to get to a reasonable and healthy weight. You weren’t looking to weigh what you weighed when you were 18. You just wanted to get to a weight that reduced your risk of all of the scary weight-related illnesses. You were determined! You watched Dr. Oz. He touted the use […]