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How to make healthy lifestyle change

Getting married is arguably a major lifestyle change. It may be the biggest lifestyle change we’ll ever experience. Although not quite as much of a lifestyle change as marriage, switching from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is another major change. ¬†They’e similar in that there are four distinct phases for each. Understanding what’s […]

Why You Might Not Maintain Your Weight Goal

Yesterday I published a quiz that linked readers’ personalities with their approach to weight reduction. Some personality styles may make weight maintenance more challenging than others. Here is a pie chart showing Red – people motivated by goals and Yellow – people motivating by fun represented the majority of the outcomes. That can help explain […]

Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheating?

I’m absolutely astounded when I hear somebody state that “Yeah, she lost a lot of weight, but she cheated! She had surgery!” Two thoughts come to mind. Fatties can’t win. Losing weight isn’t good enough to make them socially acceptable to the fatty-haters. They get judged on the way they lost weight.¬†There is apparently a […]