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The weight loss mistakes you didn’t know you were making

  Here are some mistakes that people make all the time when trying to lose weight. They don’t know they’re making mistakes because these mistakes because they’ve heard these are the right things to do to get to goal. Are you making any of these mistakes? Eating breakfast Oh, I know you’re supposed to eat […]

5 Wrong Ways to Lose Weight

It’s a little uncomfortable and sometimes downright hard to make changes to enable weight loss. Despite the hard parts about weight loss most people experience very positive benefits as well. Things like feeling better, having more energy, feeling less bloated are typically enjoyed when actively engaged in weight management. If you’re not enjoying those positive […]

How NOT to Lose Weight

Here is a short list of 5 things you don’t want to do if you want to successfully lose weight. DON’T: 1) Have unrealistic expectations. Weight loss takes time. When you give it all the time it takes you can lose weight and be a lighter and maybe healthier version of you. That is a […]