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The truth about losing weight may not apply to you

My previous blog was a strong suggestion that Khloe Kardashian’s new reality show was poorly named Revenge Body. I opined that losing weight to get revenge on an ex, fat shamers, or whomever, or as Khloe incoherently says, “…you’re going to have this revenge on this life that you once had that you won’t even […]

Weight Loss Inspiration

Here are 8 empowering beliefs that can inspire you to achieve lasting weight management! 1.  There is no such thing as “effortless weight loss.” The promises in magazines, infomercials and all over your Facebook feeds are holding our false promises that cost you time, money, and faith in yourself and perhaps even your health! Even […]

Holiday Season Power Phrase for People Watching Their Weight

One down, two to go! So, Thanksgiving is over, and all that’s left is just a few scraps of meat on turkey carcass. You may be pleased or displeased with your Thanksgiving performance. You might want to repeat your actions on Christmas and New Year’s or maybe you want to never eat that much all at […]

The Best 5 Ways to Get or Give Help to Support Sustained Weight Loss!

Weight loss can overwhelm and elude many of the smartest, strongest, most capable people on the planet. Being surrounded by people who say stupid things, even if their intentions are good, make it harder. As somebody who’s spent a good deal struggling with my own weight as well as helping others who struggle, I learned […]