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2 essential weight loss rules for people who hate rules

I hate rules, especially weight loss rules. Rules are often hard to follow, but easy to break, at least for me. When it comes to weight loss rules they’re usually restrictive and/or a bad fit with my life. For example, here’s a rule that’s a bad fit for me – Start every day with a […]

3 Easy Steps to get back on track with your weight loss no matter how big the setback!

Rare is the person who is losing weight who doesn’t have lapses and setbacks. It’s common and it’s not an indicator or success or failure. The thing that tells you is you’ll be successful or not is what happens after the setback. Getting back on track isn’t hard when you use this 3-step plan. 1. […]

5 signs you’re succeeding with weight loss even if the scale doesn’t say so

When we decide to lose weight, a crappy little machine wants to make or break us. It’s not much more than a little slab of metal and springs that sits on the floor of our bathrooms. It becomes the most important thing in our lives and the bane of our existence. Everything we do revolves […]

Run Your Body

No, this isn’t a blog about running. I’m no runner. I have no desire to become a runner. I think running is fine – great, even – for people who like to run. I’m simply not one of them and I’m happy that walking works as well for me as running works for others! When […]

How to Transfer Your Life Skills to Your Weight Loss

In your lifetime you have accumulated a skill set that helped you progress in your life. If you’re like a lot of people you may not even know how powerful your skills are or the many ways you can apply them to achieve amazing results. Your most basic skill was developed early in life, in […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat for Weight Loss Success (Part 1)

You want to lose weight and you want to keep it off. That means one thing; you’re going to have to retrain yourself to eat differently. Successfully maintaining a healthy weight means that you can’t just eat a bunch of diet entrees until you reach goal and then revert to former eating habits. It doesn’t mean […]

Am I Always Hungry or Can I Not Stop Eating?

If weight loss is the goal, monitoring food is essential. That’s not easy. It can be harder than you’d think. If you have tried to lose weight in the past, monitoring food doesn’t get easier with subsequent diets, indeed, many find that it gets progressively harder. Theories abound about why it’s so hard to manage […]

Group Support Works (for weight loss and other things) Even for those Who Don’t Think They Benefit By the Help of Others!

I considered myself to be an independent, capable person. I didn’t seek help to get things done and I sure never wanted to be part of a “group support system.” The whole idea of people sitting around helping each other sounded boring, pathetic and an overall waste of time. I thought I might have something […]

Boost Your Success with Free and Very Personal Training!

The equation for healthy weight is simple – Eat Less + Move More = Healthy Weight. The equation is simple. The application of the equation is far more complicated, especially for those of us whose normal, default behavior is to “eat more and move less!” That’s when a very personal trainer can make a big […]