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Why would the Weight Watchers lady support Whitney’s no body shame campaign?

Like it or not, they call me the Weight Watchers lady. I’ve been associated with Weight Watchers for almost 30 years. I started in January 1987 as a mother of 3 girls under age 6, and my weight had gotten out of control. I had an effective way to lose weight on my own. I was […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat for Lasting Weight Loss Success (Part 2)

The following statement is true and when you believe the truth your job of retraining yourself to eat to maintain a healthy weight becomes a natural and sustainable process. “You were born with perfect eating habits. Instinctively you could balance your incoming calories with the calories your body required for its energy needs.” And almost […]

I Hate Counting Weight Watchers Points

Points or PointsPlus® – whatever you call ’em, I don’t like ’em. I actually hate Weight Watchers points. I hate counting them and I hate even thinking about them. I hate them because I hate limits and I hate precision. There! So now it’s out. Jackie Conn, general manager of Weight Watchers of Maine hates points. And, no, […]

I Didn’t Get to Where I Am Alone!

I’ve been maintaining my weight for roughly 23 years. It hasn’t been right on the money all that time. There were ups, but the ups have stayed within the healthy range. Learning to manage my weight is a process I started about 3 months after I returned to Weight Watchers as a Lifetime member 40 pounds […]

What Are Most Fattening Foods We Eat Every Summer?

Food isn’t fattening! We get fat because of our choices. Choosing foods that are high in fat and calories and choosing to be sedentary is fattening. These choices aren’t bad and we’re not bad because we make them. We’re programmed by our culture, customs, advertising and even supermarket displays to eat certain foods in the summer. We’re conditioned […]

Emotional Eating Ruined My Diet! How to Quit Eating Because Something is Eating at You!

Angry! Sad! Elated! Confused! Bored! Anxious! Depressed! Joyful! Lonely! Emotions can be uncomfortable or a reason to celebrate. Food is used to regulate! Emotional eating is arguably the major reason for obesity and the swiftest way to end a successful diet. As a culture we have a habit of “stuffing our feelings.” We use food […]

I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet

People waste money on ridiculous research. One of the more ridiculous research projects undertaken more than once was studying what makes people choose the foods they eat? Got an idea what the findings of those studies might be? Yup! People eat the food that tastes the best to them? Isn’t that an unexpected result!? Certainly […]