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How to get the biggest rush in the afternoon without sugar or caffeine!

Who hasn’t experienced the mid-afternoon energy crunch? You have a lot of work to do and you’ve lost the energy to get it done. You’re going to need a pick-me-up to get through until quitting time at 5pm and you know just what will do the trick. You need a cold, creamy drink full of […]

Bananas Make People Fat!

When I look at the top searches that lead people to my blog, bananas and belly fat are usually in the number 1 or 2 most frequently searched spot. That means that the Internet has done a very good job planting suspicion and doubt into the minds of people who either already want to get rid of […]

The Best of Sooner or Later: Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Easter was yesterday. All across Maine people ate candy, lots of candy, too much candy! Today they’re feeling full and fat. Finally we’re seeing signs that weather is getting warmer. Lots of those people who feel fat and full now want to get ready for summer. Here is a healthy way to get started with […]

What to Count for Weight Loss? Calories? Carbs? Protein? Fat? Points? Servings? Bites?

There is no shortage of approaches to losing weight. One way or another, the approaches that work all do one thing. They cut calories. If you do not create a calorie deficit you won’t lose weight. You can count on that. When calorie consumption is less than the calories your body requires to fuel its […]

How to Get Healthier

People want to get healthy and no wonder, health improves every aspect of life including longevity. One problem is knowing what to do to get healthy and how to recognize the sleazy predators that don’t care about your health – just your money – from the good, reliable sources of information. Another problem is that even […]

Why must I get weighed to treat pinkeye?

I got ambushed by a scale. It was December 31st and that was even more scary than if it happened to me today. Today I have a few days of better eating behind me – more fruit and vegetables and fewer cookies, wayyyyyy fewer cookies. I got weighed and I worried if all my holiday […]

Weight Loss Challenge # 83 Why Do We Eat Food We Don’t Even Like?

Weight loss formula: Eat Less + Move More = Weight Loss! Easy! If you are losing weight or ever tried to lose weight you may be aware of all the challenges surrounding what we think should be fairly easy, but turns out to be anything but easy! If we were to give a number to […]

End-of-the-Year-Weight-Loss Strategies

Late in November people who have been carefully managing their weight start to lose their motivation. They go into the month with steadfast determination and exit the month with, “I’ll worry about my weight next year. It’s too hard and no fun to be losing weight during the holiday season.” They’re lying to themselves. While […]