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Happy National Potato Chip Day now try these nutritious snack alternatives

Potato chips may be America’s favorite snack. What’s not to love? Thin slices of potato deep fried until crispy crunchy and topped with salt. They go with almost everything or are delicious when eaten all by themselves. The biggest problem with potato chips for many people is eating them in a satisfying and controlled manner. […]

Food you should never eat when you’re on a diet

Time and money gets wasted on ridiculous research. One of the more ridiculous research projects undertaken more than once was studying what makes people choose the foods they eat. Got an idea what the findings of those studies might be? Yes, if given a choice, people consistently choose what they think tastes good and reject what […]

I’ll never tell you what to eat

I can help you lose weight but I won’t tell you what to eat.   I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for 25 years. I know about weight loss and I know about me, but aside from your wanting to lose weight, I don’t know anything about you. That’s why I won’t tell you what […]

How Can Chocolate Help Weight Loss?

How can chocolate help weight loss? Easy! Don’t eat it! Did you beat me to the punchline?  Yes, that’s a joke! You can eat chocolate and lose weight, and yes, it can actually help you to be successful, but how it supports your success may not be the way you think it should. I could tell […]

Guess What Popular Weight Loss Advice is All Wrong? You Won’t Believe it!

Everybody knows to lose weight you have to eat more fruit and vegetables! This is standard weight loss advice. It has been repeated for decades, if not centuries…… ….and it’s completely wrong and false! In fact, check this out from an article dated, Thursday, June 26, 2014. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham […]