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When did eating get so complicated?

My goodness, eating has gotten so complicated! It seems like a lot of time is spent researching what to eat and even more time is wasted talking about it! I was with a group of women the other day for a dinner meeting. I pitied the server whose job it was to wait on us. […]

End-of-the-Year-Weight-Loss Strategies

Late in November people who have been carefully managing their weight start to lose their motivation. They go into the month with steadfast determination and exit the month with, “I’ll worry about my weight next year. It’s too hard and no fun to be losing weight during the holiday season.” They’re lying to themselves. While […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat for Lasting Weight Loss Success (Part 2)

The following statement is true and when you believe the truth your job of retraining yourself to eat to maintain a healthy weight becomes a natural and sustainable process. “You were born with perfect eating habits. Instinctively you could balance your incoming calories with the calories your body required for its energy needs.” And almost […]